Friends of Rock Park


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

28th January 2005



Eddie Price, Beth Williams, Sue Darby, Anne Price, David Cooke, Enid Davies, Ruth Jones,  David Peter, Ken Richards.


Pauline Norton

Chairman’s Report

The dispute which arose in 2003 with the Council over the closure of the path behind the Spa buildings had been resolved.

The Council agreed to provide replacements for trees removed for safety reasons.

A very successful Community Arts event ‘Lovin’ the Park’ had been held in July 2004, and   visitors’ views collated at the event had resulted in a detailed report which would be used as a guide for the future development of the park.

It was disappointing to discover that the Nicholas Pearson report, commissioned by the Friends in 1999, which described how the park should be developed, was no longer suitable.  However a Steering Group had been set up to prepare a Heritage Lottery Fund bid for the restoration of the park, although this would take several years to implement.

Azaleas had been planted on the bank above the Arlais brook, and wild-flowers and ferns along the path below Park Terrace.

The Town Council and Recycling Fund Committee were thanked for their contribution to F.O.R.P.’s funds, as were Beth Williams, Jane Cooke and her helpers, Sue Darby (the treasurer), Diana Mobberley, and Anne Price (Minutes Secretary).

Treasurer’s Report

Sue Darby distributed copies of the Account as at December 2004.  The total funds available were £4,739.26.  The treasurer explained that ‘Donations’ also included subscriptions.  Her report was accepted.  The Chairman thanked her for her work.

Election of Officers

The following officers were proposed, seconded and re-elected: 

Chairman                             Eddie Price

Vice Chairman                     Beth Williams

Treasurer                             Sue Darby

Minutes Secretary                Anne Price



Re-appointment/Appointment of Trustees

The following members were proposed, seconded and re-appointed as Trustees:  Eddie Price, Beth Williams, Sue Darby, David Cooke, Bryn Griffiths, Pauline Norton, Ken Richards.

The following members were appointed as trustees for the first time:  Enid Davies, Ruth Jones,  David Peter.

Minutes of Annual General Meeting on 9th January, 2004

David Cooke pointed out that his name had been erroneously omitted from the list of those present, and Ruth Jones pointed out the error in her surname in the list of those who sent apologies.

Any Other Business

When Ruth Jones asked about the café in the Spa Buildings in the park, Sue Darby replied that it was hoped to open it in spring 2005.