Friends of Rock Park

Minutes of Meeting

29th July 2005



Eddie Price, Beth Williams, Sue Darby, Anne Price, Enid Davies, Ruth Jones, Pauline Norton, David Peter, Ken Richards.


There were none.

Minutes of Meeting 1st July 2005


Matters arising from the minutes not on the agenda

The Chairman distributed proofs which he had received from Shelley Signs for Russell the Dog and the Archway and explained that they would be printed on GRP plastic sheets.Their total cost would be £185.He would also obtain oak posts to support them.

The Chairman said that he had written to Chris Tully about the park benches and was awaiting a reply.

As regards the break-in to the F.O.R.P. shed in June, the Chairman reported that the thief had been arrested, but that the stolen equipment had not been recovered.

The Chairman reported that he had now set up the web-site

Sustainability and Equal Opportunities Statements

These were approved

Events for 2005

Beth Williams reported that £83.82 had been made from the Teddy Bearsí Picnic, but that £50 still had to be paid to St. Johnís Ambulance for their services.A letter had been received from the Carnival Committee thanking F.O.R.P. for its contribution to the carnival.Everyone agreed that it had been a very enjoyable event and that it should be repeated next year.It was noted that about 100 people had attended.It was suggested that tea and coffee should be made available in the future.

Beth Williamís suggestion that there should be Tombola with Dice run jointly by F.O.R.P. and the Carnival Committee for four days during Victorian Week was adopted.She requested articles for this event.

As regards the Woodcraft Event, there had been no further developments at present.

Beth Williams proposed a Fun Run for 2006.Ken Richards suggested that it should be held during the school term.It was decided that this should be investigated further.


Grant Applications

On the subject of the Chalybeate Spring, the Chairman reported that Environment Wales had been unable to make a grant to F.O.R.P. for plants because it had used up its present allocation.In reply to the suggestion that he should re-apply to Your Heritage Grant, he said that he was reluctant to do so because of the difficulty he had previously experienced in meeting its particular criteria.However he had contacted the Garfield Western Foundation about the Chalybeate Spring and the plants, and it had sent him an application form.The plants would cost about £1,500.Planting would begin in the autumn.

Ken Richards invited the Chairman to give a talk to the Town Council in the autumn to convince its members of the value of the F.O.R.P. and their work.

The Chairman reported that David Cooke had been successful in securing agreement from the Community Enablement Support Fund to fund part of the cost of two park benches and that he would be applying to the Princeís Trust for the remainder.

Also Dick Taylor, although very busy at present, might be able to design the two other seats.

Park Maintenance and Development

The Chairman reported that he and his helpers were clearing the area around the Arlais Brook at present.However since the theft of the strimmer it had been impossible to cut grass.He explained that because the insurance companyís Ďexcessí had amounted to £150, the insurance claim had yielded only £65.A new strimmer would cost about £200, which could come from F.O.R.Pís funds.

There was a discussion about the unkempt and hazardous state of the Dingle.Both the Chairman and Ken Richards had contacted Chris Tully about this.

Any Other Business

Ken Richards distributed photographs of simple rustic benches he had noticed on the Great Orme in Llandudno, whose design might be suitable also for the Rock Park.The Chairman said that he would investigate this suggestion.

Beth Williams appealed for articles for prizes for the Victorian Week tombola.

Sue Darby described the present position with regard to the canopy of the Spa buildings and the Councilís attitude to this.

Date of Next Meeting

Friday 23rd September at 6 p.m. in the Rock Park Spa Restaurant.