Friends of Rock  Park

Minutes of the Meeting

28th January 2005



Eddie Price                   Chair

Beth  Williams             Vice Chair

Sue Darby                    Treasurer         

Anne Price                   Minutes Secretary

David Cooke               

Enid Davies

Ruth Jones

David Peter

Ken Richards


Pauline Norton

Minutes of the meeting 26th November 2004


Matters Arising from the Minutes

David Cooke asked that a report on the action being taken as a result of Chris Birch’s report from ‘Lovin’ The Park’ should appear as a regular item on the agenda.

The Chairman reported that as it would be difficult to spend the £600 from the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust by March 2005, he might have to write to it to explain the reason for the delay.

He also reported that he had written to Chris Tully about the state of the road behind the bowling greens  but had not yet received a reply.

HLF Restoration Plan

The Chairman reported that the P.C.C. Task and Finish Group had met only once so far, as the second meeting, which had been scheduled for 27th January, had been postponed until 21st February because the members who were employees of P.C.C. had been required to attend another meeting on the earlier date.

When David Cooke asked whether P.C.C. had made any progress with the Green Flag Award Scheme, the Chairman replied that Andy Dodgson was currently investigating it.

The Chairman reported that he was in the process of submitting a bid for ‘Your Heritage Grant’ for the Chalybeate Spring area.  In connection with this he was pleased to report that his approaches to several hotels in Llandrindod and to the headteachers of the two primary schools had so far yielded a supportive and enthusiastic reply from Justin Baird-Murray, manager of the Metropole Hotel, and expressions of interest on the part of the headteachers in their pupils being involved in improving the park.

He also said that a maximum of £10,000 could be made available from a European-funded Tourism Grant scheme for the purchase of four or five specially designed seats to be sited in suitable places in the park; these locations were briefly described and discussed.   David Peter suggested that Siren’, a local enterprise company in Brecon, which made garden furniture, might be able to make the designer seats.   David Cooke mentioned that Dave King might be able to create a seat from a log, and Dick Taylor, who had created the archway, would be interested in being involved as well.  In connection with this several members who were long-term residents recalled the attractive cast-iron and wooden seats which had once graced Llandrindod.  Finally David Cooke suggested that a small working-party should be formed to deal with the subject of seating in the park.

Events for 2005

The Chairman reported that Michiel Blees would probably hold his Summer Soak’ in the park again.

David Cooke said that Dick Taylor would be erecting his archway on Saturday 5th March as part of a Fair Trade’ event.

Beth Williams suggested that some sort of event should be held in July.

Ken Richards offered to organise a treasure-hunt in the park.

Park Maintenance and Development

The Chairman reported that, as usual, he and Rex Davies continued to clear away fallen leaves.

He commented that he had no major plans for 2005, but that he hoped that the Chalybeate Spring project would proceed if HLF money was forthcoming.

Any Other Business


Date of the next meeting

Friday 25th February at the Media Resource Centre, Oxford Road, at 6 p.m.