Friends of Rock Park

Minutes of Meeting

1st July 2005




Eddie Price, Beth Williams, Sue Darby, Anne Price, David Cooke, Enid Davies, Bryn Griffiths, Pauline Norton, David Peter, Ken Richards.


There were none.

Minutes of meeting 3rd June 2005


Matters arising from the minutes not on the agenda

The Chairman reported that he had ordered two signs for Russell the Dog and the Archway (total cost £185) from Shelley Signs and was awaiting the proofs.

He also reported that Chris Tully had said that there would be no problem with installing park benches but, at the suggestion of other members, he undertook to request this in writing.

The Chairmen reported that he had produced a poster and leaflets about F.O.R.P. for display at the Farmers’ Market on the 30th June.  David Cooke suggested that a similar display should feature at the next Farmers’ Market in July.

Events for 2005

Teddy Bears’ Picnic (2nd July):  Beth Williams reported that all the preparations for this had gone smoothly.  Ken Richards distributed miniature copies of the poster advertising the event.  He and Beth Williams described the arrangements which had been made for involving children from local primary and nursery schools, the judging of the teddy bears, the games and competitions, and the refreshments.  There was a display of the prizes at the meeting, and a discussion about how they would be awarded.  Beth Williams reported that there would be a charge of £50 for the two members of St. John’s Ambulance who would attend the event.  Several members of F.O.R.P. volunteered to help at the event.  The Chairman thanked Beth Williams and Ken Richards for their work in organising this event.

Woodcraft Event: David Cooke reported that there had been no further developments at present.  Ken Richards suggested that the construction of a willow-walk might be part of such a event.  The Chairman suggested that a woodcarvers’ group, run by Terry Barrows, might be interested in participating.

Grant Applications

The Chairman reported that a Your Heritage Grant application for a grant to restore the Chalybeate Spring had been unsuccessful.  The  Heritage Lottery Fund board considered that the project did not satisfy its criteria for educational and community involvement.  The Chairman commented that he felt – and other members agreed – that there was limited scope for such types of involvement in the restoration of the spring.  However he said that F.O.R.P. could apply again.

Bryn Griffiths suggested that the setting-up of workshops on such subjects as park maintenance might satisfy the HLF’s desire for educational relevance.  Later he also suggested that a talk on, for example, tree-surgery might be an appropriate project.

The Chairman reported that he was considering other organisations, and that as a result of a letter to three organisations, one of them, the Manifold Trust, had responded offering £2,000 which would go towards the cost of re-pointing the walls and re-laying the cobbles of the Chalybeate Spring.  The total cost of the restoration would be about £10,000.

Ken Richards suggested that the British Spas Federation might be able to suggest grant-awarding bodies for the rest of the cost of the restoration of the Chalybeate Spring.

The Re-cycling Fund had made a grant of £250 and the Town Council had promised £400.

David Cooke reported that he was in the process of applying to the Community Enablement Support Fund for £2,475 for the creation of two park benches, involving Kumar Saraf and A-Level pupils at Llandrindod High School.  They would work to a brief to be supplied by F.O.R.P.  The C.E.S.F. would meet at the end of August.  The remaining money needed to meet the £4,900 cost of the seats would be sought from the Prince’s Trust and the Oliver Ford Foundation.

The Chairman said that he would contact Dick Taylor as regards the other two seats.

David Cooke distributed copies of a Sustainability Statement and Equal Opportunities Statement.  He explained that such statements are asked for by many government-based grant-awarding bodies.  Members were asked to consider, and, later, to comment on these statements.  The Chairman said that they would need to be approved at the next Annual General Meeting before they could be incorporated into the Constitution.

Park Maintenance and Development

The Chairman reported that the F.O.R.P. shed had been broken into through its roof and equipment including two strimmers had been stolen.  The police were investigating the crime, and the insurance company had been contacted.  As a result of this it would not be possible to do any grass-cutting at present.

Any Other Business

The Chairman said that he felt that F.O.R.P. ought to have a web-site, which would be  Sue Darby undertook to host the web-site under the auspices of the Town Trust.  The Chairman said that he would prepare materials for it.

David Peter reported that the questionnaires on the town’s open spaces were being returned and that they contained interesting and useful views.  An exhibition arising from this would be held in Somerfield and in Pritchard’s Garage during the summer.

Date of the next meeting

Friday, 29th July at 6 p.m. at the Media Resource Centre. Oxford Road.