Friends of Rock Park

Minutes of the Meeting

6th May 2005



Eddie Price, Beth Williams, Sue Darby, Anne Price, David Cooke, Bryn Griffiths, Ruth Jones, Pauline Norton, Ken Richards.


Enid Davies

Minutes of Meeting on 25th February 2005


Matters arising from the minutes, not on the Agenda

Following on from the discussion about designer-style seats at the meeting on 25th February, David Cooke distributed copies of sketches of various seat designs.  The wrap-around bench (C2) seemed to be particularly favoured by members.  David Cooke also suggested that A-Level pupils at Llandrindod Wells High School could be involved in workshops in designing two of the four seats.

It was decided that a sub-committee consisting of the Chairman, David Cooke, Bryn Griffiths, and Beth Williams should meet on 26th May at 2 p.m. in the Spa buildings.  David Cooke would bring information on the funding of the seats.  Earlier the Chairman had mentioned the Tourist Grant scheme, operated by P.C.C., the Recycling Fund, and F.O.R.P.’s own funds as possible sources of funding.

Ken Richards mentioned that the serpent-embellished seats, once a feature of Llandrindod, were to be found in the Groe at Builth Wells.

Ruth Jones reported that the road behind the bowling-greens was still full of ruts.  Also the Chairman undertook to write to Chris Tully about the composting of the grass-cuttings from the bowling-greens.

On the subject of the information boards, the Chairman reported that he was awaiting a grant from ‘Your Heritage Grant’ to pay for these.  After some discussion about the signs for ‘Russell the Dog’ and the archway, the Chairman said that he would contact Shelley Signs for a quotation.

H.L.F. Restoration Plan

The Chairman reported that the Task and Finish Steering Group would holding its next meeting on 25th May, at which Ivor Stokes’ planting scheme for the Chalybeate Spring and the upper Arlais Brook would be discussed, particularly with Andy Dodgson and the Landscape Architect.

The Chairman reiterated that the bid could not be submitted until April 2006 at the earliest, as the H.L.F. allowed only one bid per year, and currently the bid for the Brecon Museum was under consideration for 2005.  Once again members deplored the slowness of the whole process.

However the Chairman was able to report that ‘Your Heritage Grant’ for the Chalybeate Spring had been submitted.  He anticipated that he should receive a response in August 2005.

Events for 2005

Sue Darby reported that she had had a meeting with Michiel Blees and Jane Cooke about several events.

The Teddy Bears’ Picnic, being organised by Beth Williams, would take place on Saturday 25th June,

The Story-telling event would probably be held early in July.

The performance by the Youth Theatre was being organised by Jane Cooke.

In connection with the Treasure Hunt, Ken Richards distributed some examples of the type of clues which participants would follow.

Ken Richards also suggested the creation of a willow-walk in the marshy area behind the outdoor bowling-greens.

It was suggested that a craft event involving such people as Chris Hirst and Mr. Greenwood should be held.

Planting Scheme for the Arlais Brook area

The Chairman referred to the planting scheme devised by Ivor Stokes, copies of which had been distributed to members before the meeting.  He also distributed copies of a photograph of a similar scheme which had been carried out in Scotland.

The total cost would be about £3,000 (150 plants @ £20), the funding for which would be provided by the Horticultural Trust (£600), the Town Trust (£400), and a bid to be submitted to Environment Wales (£2,000).

The Chairman emphasised that planting would require a considerable amount of volunteer effort spread over 2 years, beginning in August 2005.  Alison Davies of Environment Wales had suggested that those who had participated in the ‘Lovin’ the Park’ event should be contacted again to help with this.

The Chairman himself would contact the Round Table, the Horticultural Society, the High School, and of course Andy Dodgson would be closely involved.

Park Maintenance and Development

This would resume on Saturday mornings and Thursday afternoons.  Rex Davies and Terry Barrow regularly assisted with this work.

It was also agreed that the subject of lighting in the park, and the vexed subject of parking in the park should be raised at the next Task and Finish Steering Group meeting on 25th May.

Any Other Business

A meeting has been organised for 7th June by Jill Fairweather involving CADW, P.C.C., the Town Trust and F.O.R.P. about the Spa Buildings.

Date of Next Meeting

Friday 3rd June at 6 p.m. in the Spa buildings of the Rock Park.