Friends of Rock Park

Minutes of the Meeting

3rd June 2005



Eddie Price, Beth Williams, Anne Price, David Cooke, Enid Davies, Ruth Jones, David Peter, Ken Richards.


Sue Darby, Pauline Norton.

Minutes of meeting 6th May 2005


Matters arising from the minutes not on the agenda

The Chairman distributed copies of the proposed layout for the signs for the Archway and Russell the Dog.David Cooke felt that the A5 size board was too small and that the A3 size was preferableHowever Ken Richardís suggestion of the A5 size but with a bigger font for the wording, if possible, was adopted.The Chairman undertook to contact Shelley Signs.

Events for 2005

Teddy Bearsí Picnic (25th June):Beth Williams, who had had a meeting with Jane Cooke, gave details of how the event would be organised.Ken Richards described other activities which would be included with it.However when it was pointed out that the Bracken Trust would probably be holding its Strawberry Fayre on the same date, members felt that this clash would be detrimental to the F.0.R.P. event and that Saturday 2nd July would be preferable.Accordingly Beth Williams undertook to hold a further meeting with Jane Cooke to discuss the re-scheduling of the arrangements for the T.B.P.Also David Cooke reported that Jane Cooke wouldorganise the posters for the event, and Ken Richards said that he would be able to obtain A-Boards to display them.

Story- telling event and performance by the Youth Theatre:David Cooke explained that since obtaining funding for such events was quite a lengthy process, it would not be possible to hold these events at the previously suggested times of July and August.

Woodcraft event:this would probably take place in the autumn.

Grant applications

The Chairman reported that he would be applying to Environment Wales for money for plants for the Arlais Brook area which would cost about £2,250.

He also said that there was a Tourism Grant of £70,000 available to Michiel Blees from which he hoped that money for a park seat would be forthcoming.There was a discussion about whether such grants were made on condition that there was some economic benefit.


Park Benches

There was a discussion about Dick Taylorís designs and Kumar Sarafís plan to work with pupils from the High School to produce a seat, and their funding.Members were promised that all designs under consideration would be submitted to them for their approval.The Chairman undertook to contact the Council about the insurance implications of installing seats in the park.

Park Maintenance and Development.

The Chairman reported that at the meeting of the Task and Finish Steering Group held on 25th May it had been acknowledged that parking in the park was a problem but that the eventual restoration of the park would take this problem into account.Also two new lamps to improve the lighting in the park could be financed by the Council. Members felt that they should be consulted about their location. The Chairman commented that the restoration of the park would involve the provision of sixteen new lamps.

The Chairman reported that he continued to work in the park, with occasional help from two other volunteers.

Ken Richards suggested that F.O.R.P. should mount a display at the next Farmersí Market on Thursday 30th June to attract volunteers.

David Peter informed members that the Council and the Llandrindod Wells Regeneration Team would be shortly carrying out a survey by means of a questionnaire mailed to all households about the townís open spaces, including the Rock Park.An exhibition of ideas would be held during the summer.

Any Other Business

The Chairman reported that the Task and Finish Group had produced a landscape plan which they had agreed upon in principle covering the Arlais Brook area, the area below Park Terrace, the open space inside the Gwalia entrance, the areas above and below the restaurant, parking in the central area, and the woodland area by the river Ithon.He said that some of the work involved could be started before the Heritage Lottery Fund grant was made.

Date of next meeting

Friday Ist July at 6.00 p.m. at the Media Resource Centre, Oxford Road.