Friends of Rock Park

Minutes of the Meeting

25th February 2005


Eddie Price, Beth Williams, Sue Darby, Anne Price, David Cooke, Ruth Jones, Pauline Norton, Ken Richards.


Enid Davies.

Minutes of Meeting on 28th January 2005


Matters arising from the minutes, not on the Agenda

The Chairman reported that he still had not received a letter from Chris Tully about the condition of the road behind the bowling greens, but that a workmen had been repairing the drains there which should result in an improvement.

He also reported that he had had no response from the Glen Usk and Commodore hotels, and sought suggestions from members as to whom he might contact at these hotels.

As regards the two primary schools’ involvement in the park, he hoped that he could set aside two patches of ground for their pupils to plant..

The Chairman reported that he and David Cooke had identified four places in the park for the designer-style seats:  the Chalybeate Spring, the centre of the park, above Lovers’ Leap, and on the path by the river Ithon.  Several suppliers of such seats had been identified – Andy Quarterman, Siren, Dick Taylor, and Dave King.  There was a discussion about the type of seats.  Ken Richards suggested that the Recycling Fund might be prepared to pay for one seat.  Also the Tourist Grant Scheme, operated by Powys County Council, might be a source of funds for this.

The previous decision to erect a board for Russell the Dog led to a discussion about the desirability of erecting boards in various other places in the park, describing such features as the Chalybeate Spring, the eye well, the Roman spring, the Roman practice camps, and the park’s flora and fauna.  A working-party consisting of the Chairman, David Cooke and Beth Williams was set up, which would meet on 8th March.

HLF Restoration Plan

The Chairman emphasised that community involvement and educational significance were now important factors in assessing HLF bids.

He reported that agreement had been secured from the Task and Finish Steering Group to proceed with ‘Your Heritage Grant’ for the Chalybeate Spring, although the Group’s permission was apparently still needed, which would be sought from the Vice-Chairman, Gary Price.

Sue Darby reported that the Town Trust had decided to have the canopy of the Spa buildings fully repaired in the near future with funds provided by CADW rather than to have it patched up, pending the HLF bid being prepared by the Task and Finish Group

Events for 2005

The following activities would take place, or were being considered:

·        5th March – Dick Taylor would be erecting his archway as part of a ‘Fair Trade’ event.

·        A tea-dance in the restaurant was suggested by Beth Williams.  David Cooke said that Jane Cooke would be willing to organise other events.  A meeting between the Chairman and Jane Cooke would be arranged.

·        The ‘Summer Soak’ – it was likely that Michiel Blees would again hold this annual event in the park.

·        Chris Hirst, a craftsman, was interested in demonstrating his craft (country-style furniture) in the park.

·        A story-telling event.

·        A Teddy Bears’ Picnic, with prizes.

·        A performance by the Youth Theatre during the Victorian Festival

·        A treasure- hunt.

·        A Hallowe’en event.

Park Maintenance and Development

The Chairman reported that Terry Barrow was now helping him in the park on Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Beth Williams said that she had ordered fuchsias to plant in the flower-bed near the Gwalia entrance to the park.

The Chairman would be meeting Andy Dodgson and a landscape architect about the Chalybeate Spring on 2nd March.

Lovin’ the Park projects report

David Cooke reported that he had produced a report following the meeting about lighting in the park.

The other projects – footpath safety, the wooden archway, dog management, activity areas, and park benches – were all in the process of being discussed.  Ken Richards suggested several ideas for activities in the park.

Any Other Business

There was none.

Date of next meeting

Friday, 29th April at the Media Resource Centre at 6 p.m.